Journal of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity




This article will discuss in detail exactly how the court is illegitimate and makes decisions that are illegitimate, using examples from the October 2021 term. It will also explain why action needs to be taken immediately to reign in this run-away Court to restore public trust. As discussed herein, we cannot sit by and patiently wait for the Court to right itself over time because there are important issues on the current docket, such as race-conscious admissions policies of colleges and universities to ensure student bodies are diverse as future leaders are prepared to live and work in a diverse society. And, if this Court continues to overturn long-standing precedent, as it is poised to do, this country will experience a setback in progress for people of color and women that will not be undone in our lifetime. Immediate action, such as increasing the number of justices on the Court from 9 to 13 to mirror the 13 federal circuits and confirm a Court more representative of the people that make up this diverse democracy that is America.