Touro Law Review


On March 31-April 1, 2016, Touro Law Center and the Jewish Law Institute hosted a national conference: Louis D. Brandeis: An Interdisciplinary Retrospective. More than thirty judges, lawyers, and scholars, across a broad range of disciplines and hailing from across the United States, explored a variety of themes that included, among others: Brandeis’s groundbreaking work as a lawyer and a scholar; his commitment to his Jewish heritage; his historic appointment to the United States Supreme Court; and his jurisprudence on the Court. In addition to the timeless quality of these themes, the timing of the conference was significant, taking place between the one hundredth anniversaries of Brandeis’s nomination to the Court, in January of 1916, and his confirmation, in June of 1916. The articles published in this Symposium Issue of the Touro Law Review provide a sampling of the papers presented at the conference, illustrating the variety of topics explored and the range of disciplines and perspectives represented.