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September 2013


In his most recent book, Richard Susskind focuses on three primary drivers of change in the market for legal services: (1) the “more-for-less” challenge; (2) the “liberalization” of the regulatory environment; and (3) the effective use of “information technology.” These same three drivers provide the keys to unlocking a more efficient and effective system of legal education. The price of a legal education must be significantly reduced at the vast majority of law schools, and we must deliver a better education at this reduced price. Together, these two objectives comprise the obvious, yet daunting, “more-for-less” challenge we face as educators. Meeting this challenge will require a “liberalization” of the law school regulatory environment, along with the effective use of “information technology.” It will also require a willingness on the part of educators to move beyond the status quo and many of our respective comfort zones. This essay suggests the basic outlines of one model for doing so.

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New York State Bar Association Journal