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This is the Preface and Introduction to Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law, an anthology of writings by participants in the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics (PISLAP) and others actively engaged in transforming law, legal education and social justice. It showcases the abundant ways in which lawyers, judges, law professors and others are employing more communitarian, peaceful and healing ways to resolve conflicts, plan legal relationships and achieve justice. It is written for lawyers, law professors, law students and others who share similar goals and are eager to learn new ways to practice law and create a legal system that fosters empathy, compassion and constructive change, a system that is collaborative rather than adversarial, that seeks to heal brokenness rather than merely resolve disputes, and that moves us toward The Beloved Community envisioned by the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. The book is comprised of fourteen chapters, divided into eight sections:

 The Vision: The Spiritual Dimension of Social Justice

 Transforming Criminal & Juvenile Justice;

 Healing Civil Conflict;

 Transforming the Rule of Law

 Transforming Legal Education;

 Transforming the Courtroom;

 Transforming Law Practice;

 Transforming the Earth.

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Carolina Academic Press