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It is an honor to share thoughts about the importance of Professor Daniel Mandelker’s legacy to the field of land-use and zoning law. The word “legacy” means, among other things, “something that is part of your history or that remains from an earlier time.” At ninety-two, he was the longest actively teaching land use law professor in the United States. His academic career began in 1949 when he was appointed an Assistant Professor at Drake Law School, with relatively short stints at the University of Indiana Law School and Columbia Law School, followed by his appointment at Washington University School of Law where he taught for the last sixty years. He has not only taught law students for seven decades, but his scholarship has shaped the perspectives of the players in the land-use game and in the courts for generations. Professor Mandelker has gifted to the land-use-law profession a legacy of thoughtful, cutting edge, and sometimes controversial work that has guided planners, lawyers, judges, and municipal officials in approaching myriad land-use dilemmas. In return, his colleagues and collaborators have honored him with not just one, but two festschriften during his lifetime, a recognition received by no one else in the land-use law community.

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Urban Lawyer