New York Law of Domestic Violence

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In recognition of the evolving forms and dynamics of abuse, the updated Fourth Edition is a more modern treatment of the complex and nuanced understandings of domestic violence than the previous edition. The revised treatise condenses some sections while expanding others. It broadens its discussion of the intersection of domestic violence and child well-being by broadening its discussion of child welfare and child support. It discusses the expansion of the tools of abuse, addressing the increased misuse of technology, including non-consensual dissemination of images, social media appropriation, and cyberstalking. The Fourth Edition is reorganized with the goal of providing easier access to material covered in the text. The material covered in the text is divided into chapters by theme and practice area at the same time it provides overlapping coverage. At the same time, endeavoring to provide a complete review of the law in any area is always a challenge. We by no means expect that this treatise does, or can, cover every corner and aspect of domestic violence law in New York or otherwise. This Fourth Edition, like the editions before it, will remain a work inprogress.

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