Journal of Experiential Learning

About This Journal

In October 2013, a member of the Touro Law faculty suggested that we create a journal for articles related to experiential learning. A few weeks later, at the Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers conference in Denver, Touro Law’s Associate Dean for Experiential Learning shared this idea with a group of interested legal educators. Together, they formulated the outline for this journal, as a vehicle for dialogue about experiential legal learning and its future as an integral part of legal education.

After determining that we would serve together as members of an Editorial Review Panel and gaining the full support of the Dean of Touro Law Center Patricia E. Salkin, we approached legal educators who were interested in our efforts, asking them to serve as members of an Advisory Board. They assisted us in determining the topic for the inaugural volume and suggested topics for subsequent publications.

Our Editorial Advisory Board and our Editorial Review Panel represent a cross-section of educators including representatives of The Carnegie Institute’s Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers and the Alliance for Experiential Learning. They are law school deans and faculty from across the nation who share a commitment to improving the nature and quality of education we offer our law school students, in an environment that it making it more and more difficult for students to pay for law school, for law schools to pay for the education they want to offer their students, and for entry level attorneys to obtain employment.

Since this is a journal that encompasses all facets of legal education, from all stakeholders, we encourage members of the bar and the bench, as well as the academy, to contribute to future volumes. Please contact mberman@tourolaw.edu for additional information about journal submissions.